Are your drivers too confident? Find out!

Overconfidence among drivers can pose significant risks on the roadways. While confidence is generally seen as a positive trait, an excessive level of it can lead to complacency and a disregard for the potential dangers associated with operating large vehicles. In this course we will look at who the most vulnerable road users are, how over-represented they are in road traffic accident statistics and what the Highway Code says about them. We will review the importance of good all round observation and look at the places and times where mistakes are most likely to occur.

Objectives of this Course

The objectives of this module are to understand:
• Who the most vulnerable road users are
• How often they are involved in road incidents
• Highway code rules of relevance to vulnerable road users
• How to ensure good observation
• When things are most likely to go wrong
• How to ensure you drive safely around vulnerable road users

Course Contents

  • Who are the most Vulnerable Road Users
  • Casualty and Fatality Rates
  • The Highway Code
  • Effective Mirror User
  • The Different Types of Vulnerable Road User
  • Cyclists and The Law

  • Common Causes of Collisions with Cyclists

  • Mobility Scooters
  • Pedestrians
  • Types of Crossing
  • Answers
  • Feedback
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