Driver Safety, First Aid & Wellbeing

The primary goal of this course is to enhance comprehension of safety factors in both the workplace and on the road. Additionally, it aims to equip participants with effective strategies to ensure driver wellbeing, health, and overall safety.

Objectives of this Module

The objectives of this module are to understand:
• Driver safety on the road and in the workplace
• Methods and approaches to ensure driver wellbeing, health
and safety
• How to deal with immediate danger
• How to get help
• How to best assist casualties
• The “DR ABC” mnemonic
• How to administer CPR
• The causes and effects of PTSD

Course Contents

  • On the Road: Casualties
  • Crash Prevention
  • Incidents at Workplaces
  • Securing Equipment
  • Falls from Height
  • Pedestrians and Restrictions in Work Areas
  • When you are out of your vehicle
  • The Importance of First Aid
  • Administer First Aid Until Help Arrives
  • Breathing
  • Curculation
  • Answers
  • Feedback
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