Know Your Map Reading

Mastering map reading techniques is essential for any individual navigating and travelling the UK and Europe. Understanding how to decipher topographic maps accurately enables you to plan routes effectively and make informed decisions while venturing into unfamiliar territories.

Objectives of this Module

The objectives of this module are to understand:
•  Learn about different road markings used on a road map
•  Understand the method to map reading
•  How to navigate from one place to another
•  Learn more about the geography of an area
•  Help to find your way even if your GPS or smartphone fails
•  Helps develop articulate strategic thinking

Course Contents

  • What is a Road Map?
  • Who can read a road map?
  • A Brief History of Map Reading
  • Map Scaling

  • Mileage Chart – Britain
  • Know your Area Map
  • Using the Map Grid
  • Types of Roads
  • Road Map Symbols
  • Low Bridges
  • Navigating from one Place to
    Another in the UK
  • Games
  • Answers
  • Feedback
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