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We devise a training plan that is focused on your skills and requirements resulting in training that is focused and designed around you.

So, you want to become a Large Goods Vehicle or Passenger Carrying Vehicle driver? Good choice, I’m sure you will enjoy it; it can be rewarding, enjoyable and there is a large employment market with the current driver shortage only getting worse.

For those of you interested, the driving test was introduced back in the early to try and improve the standard and safety of large vehicle drivers.

The practical driving test hadn’t changed a great deal in the past 40 years; around 2 years ago the test was changed to reflect the modern lorry and the powers that be removed a lot of the maneuvers.

Today you still do a basic reversing exercise (check out You Tube) around five controlled stops such as stopping close to the vehicle in front and you will also have an independent 10 minute drive where you follow road signs. The test will take around 90 minutes and it works in the same way as the car driving test, you are trained by a driving instructor and delivered to the test centre where the examiner takes over from the instructor and you will have your ability assessed.

The examiner works for a government department called the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency and are not connected in any way with individual driving schools. There is no possible way to guarantee passing the test; the only way to pass is to demonstrate safe and professional driving.

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