The Driver CPC training for professional drivers, engaging content completed online.

Professional and established LGV and PCV drivers are required by law to maintain their Initial Driver CPC by taking 35 hours of Periodic Training every 5 years. This training is designed to keep drivers up-to-date with the latest regulations and best practices in the industry. It is essential for drivers to stay current with their training to ensure they are operating safely and efficiently on the road.

3 | 6 | 12 MONTH


New Individual lesson area for Training Providers.

The DCPC resource area is DVSA compliant for you to deliver multiple 2-hour DCPC E-Learning content. Each lesson has its own Guided Learning Hours (GLH), which typically lasts for 40 minutes and covers all the subject areas listed by the DVSA.

Each lesson is designed to be easily digestible, with a duration of 40 minutes, and covers all the necessary subject areas as outlined by the DVSA.

By utilising the DVSA compliant resource, you can ensure that your drivers receive high-quality and relevant training that meets industry standards. This will not only benefit your drivers but also enhance your professional reputation as a provider of top-notch DCPC E-Learning content.

The Pick and Mix lessons are designed to help individual training providers create a customised 2-hour E-Learning program that is suitable for delivery. Not convinced, take a look at our online training portal with a FREE trial.

  • Choose a DVSA compliant DCPC course with 2 hours of E-learning to delivery.

  • Or create your own bespoke DCPC course with 2 hours of E-learning.
  • Pick n Mix 3 lessons to create a 2-hour DCPC E-Learning course.

  • Lesson follow the whole DVSA syllabus.

  • Each lesson last for a minimum of 40 mins.
  • Candidate subscriptions last for 3 months.

Lets do this! if you need any further information, take a free trial or have any questions, please contact us.