Whitelisting Information

How do I add email addresses to my safe senders list?

Whitelisting is specifically allowing emails from a certain source, such as Driving Test Success Anytime, to be allowed into your email inbox.

Adding a trusted email address to your whitelist allows it to pass easily through your spam filter or junk folder (depending on which email client and internet security platform you are using). The following is a list of steps for common email clients / security applications, in alphabetical order.

When we send out emails, the sender address is: DTSAnytime@imagitechlearning.co.uk

AOL 7.0 & 8.0

From the Menu, select Mail.
Click Mail Controls.
On the Mail Control window, click Next.
Select Customize Mail Controls for this Screen Name. Click Next.
You will be presented with two options.
Option 1: Allow e-mail from all AOL members, e-mail addresses, and domains.
Option 2: Allow e-mail from all AOL members, and from the listed domains and e-mail addresses. Block e-mail from all others.
Choose Option 2. Type the trusted address into the space provided and click Add.
Click Next and select Allow this Screen Name to send and receive mail with pictures and files.
Click Save.

AOL 9.0 and Above

Go to Mail menu and click Mail Center.
Go to Mail Preferences and click Customize your e-mail. Click Next.
Go to Essentials and click Spam Controls. Click Next.
Check Mail Filtered by AOL’s Advanced Spam Filter on the right panel.
Uncheck (turn off) Mail with clickable Hyperlinks (URLs) and Mail containing words and phrases on my Custom Word List (you may have to uncheck Block mail containing pictures or files to properly see Benchmark’s newsletters).
On the left panel, select Use a Custom Sender List
Enter trusted addresses and domains in the space provided. Be thorough with your list or your friends, family, coworkers, etc. will be redirected to your junk mail.
On the Custom Sender List, click Save.
On the Mail and Spam Controls window, click Save to Apply these Mail Controls


On the left of the screen under Mail, click Contacts.
Select either New Contact on the left of the screen under Tasks or Add to “My Contacts” at the top of your screen under Search Contacts.
If you clicked on New Contact, enter the address and/or URL and click Add. If you clicked Add to My Contacts, type the address or URL and press Enter.


Select Options from your top menu.
Click Mail. Go to Junk E-Mail Protection and select Junk E-Mail Filter.
Select Enhanced and click OK.
Click Safe List and type the trusted address or domain in the space provided.
Click Add button.

McAfee SpamKiller

Go to Friends and click Add.
Type the trusted address or domain in the space provided. Click OK.


Click on Help & Settings
Click Email Settings
Click on Safe List
In Add an item to this list, type the specific email address or use @dtsanytime.co.uk to whitelist the domain
Click Add

Mozilla Thunderbird

Go to Address Book.
Click New Card.
Under Contact, type your trusted address into the box provided.
Click OK.

Norton AntiSpam

Go to the Status & Settings tab and click AntiSpam.
Click Configure and go to the Allowed List tab.
Click Add and type the trusted address or domain in the Email Address box.
Click OK.

Outlook 2003 – 2007

Go to Actions in your toolbar and select Junk E-mail.
Go to Junk E-mail Options and click the Safe Sender tab.
Click Add and type in the trusted address (you can also choose to select Add Sender’s Domain).
Click OK.

Spam Assassin

In your hard drive, find your Spam Assassin folder. Click the folder.
Open the file named user_prefs with a text editor or Notepad. (If the file does not exist you can create it using the instructions on Spam Assassin’s website.)
Make a new line with the text whitelist_from and the trusted address or domain you wish to add.
Save the file and close it.


Open your Yahoo! mailbox
Go to Options and click on Filters.
Under Mobile Device User, click Add.
In Filter Name type Benchmark Email
In the top row, labeled “From Header” make sure contains is selected in the pull-down menu.
Click in the text box next to that pull-down menu, then enter the specific email address or use @dtsanytime.co.uk to whitelist the domain
At the bottom, where it says ‘Move the message to:’, select ‘Inbox’ from the pull-down menu.
Click on the Add Filter button again.

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