Frequently Asked Questions

How can I retrieve a lost password

Go to the login page, click on “lost password”. Enter the email address that you registered with and click on either Send Reminder to receive an email containing your reminder phrase, or “reset password” to start the password reset process.

How can I stop the site from remembering my username

Select the “remember me” check box, clear the username edit box and click “login”

When are the Theory Test questions valid until?

The current theory questions are correct and up to date – as the UK’s leading provider of learner driver theory test products, you can be sure that we will always ensure this is the case.

When I purchase a subscription, is this a recurring payment?

Absolutely not! There are no hidden fees or extras. What we charge is a one off payment that gives you access to the system for a period of time. If you need more revision time, you can easily buy another chunk, but we will never re-bill you on an automatic / recurring basis.

Why do my videos keep jumping/freezing?

Video playback is affected by a number of factors:

  • Speed of our server
  • Speed of our server’s internet connection
  • Speed of your computer
  • Speed of your internet connection
  • What other load your computer is under
  • Graphics hardware in your PC
  • Whilst we do our level best to ensure our server and internet connection are as fast as possible, we cannot control the speed of your internet connection or the power of your PC. Most problems experienced in video playback will be down to the local speed of your internet connection – and this is what you should check first.
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