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About This Partner

Here at NWEAT we pride ourselves on delivering training through an experienced and passionate team of individual assessors who’s overriding aim is – Success for all.

We strive to provide the highest quality of training to learners to meet the needs of employers. NWEAT aim to match the quality of training and employer needs, resulting in suitable employment for the learner and trained employees for the employer. We achieve this through an efficient and commercially beneficial service.​

Why Choose NWEAT
NWEAT’s first consideration is our learners. We continuously strive to ensure our learners achieve their highest potential. This results in NWEAT’s employers retaining a team of skilled and motivated individuals with the ambition and drive necessary to succeed. ​

The team will work with you to understand your existing needs, challenges and opportunities. We then use this information to design, develop and deliver relevant training to support your existing or future career prospects.

NWEAT offers a relaxed environment that not only promotes learning but also caters to the well being of our learners. We deliver training that stimulates, motivates and promotes the highest level of learning, ensuring that you come away with the skills and desire needed to achieve your goals provide the training and skills necessary to succeed. With continued, ongoing support and progression NWEAT has the highest level of teaching, training and assessment standards.

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Northwest education and training ltd