City and Road Restrictions

When talking about ‘City & Road Restrictions’ generally refers to the rules and regulations that are set by the local government or municipal authorities to govern the use of vehicles within a city or town.

Objectives of this Module

Our objectives for the lesson will be to:
• Understand clean air zone, low emission zones and
congestion charges
• Imposed regulations on the emissions produced by heavy
goods vehicles
• Speed Limits & Restrictions within the city limits
• Noise Restrictions
• City Restrictions on parking in the city

Course Contents

  • What does City & Road Restrictions mean?

  • Different Types of City & Road Restrictions in the UK

  • London Congestion Charges Zone

  • What is a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) and a Low Emissions Zone (LEZ)

  • UK Clean Air Zones

  • Safety Permit for Heavy Goods Vehicles

  • Heavy Duty Emission Standards – a brief history

  • Testing Procedures in Euro VI?

  • Health Issues from High Emissions

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