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Our workbooks serve as invaluable tools in aiding logistics professionals accomplish their goals, improve skills, and enhance performance. With a meticulous focus on relevance, our workbooks are carefully curated by experts who possess extensive knowledge and experience in the various subject matter.

Unlock the secrets behind mastering map reading techniques.

Progress towards driving vehicles over 7.5T that have a detachable or separate trailer.

To provide knowledge and understanding of Coach Accessibility policies and procedures.

Explore the individual problems that can influence your overall wellbeing.

Comprehend the law regarding health and safety in the workplace, as stated in the Health & Safety at Work Act of 1974.

Have the knowledge and understanding of the structure, governance, and environmental impact of the logistics industry.

The knowledge and understanding of what is involved in each area of the warehouse system and how they all link with others.

This course will look at a number of areas where drivers can help the company they work for by ensuring best practice for success.

A complete overview of how to comply with the various regulations for road transport within the UK and Europe.

Enhance your knowledge on the proper techniques for safely loading and unloading vehicles.

Safety systems are vital components of all vehicles driven on the public highway within the modern road transport industry.

Learn who the most vulnerable road users are, corresponding accident statistics and what the Highway Code says about them.

This module covers all the basics for Driver’s hours and the European Working Time Directive.

Reduce the risk of unknowingly transporting illegal cargo and the steps you can take if you suspect you have been targeted.

This course will give you the basic in a range of related subjects for safe and fuel efficient driving.

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