Vehicle Weights and Dimensions

To understand the weight and dimension limits for your vehicles and loads within the UK & EU. You will need to demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of how the topics relate to your working practice by completing written exercises, practice tests, scenario based questions and participating in verbal discussions.

Objectives of this Module

Our objectives for the lesson will be to:
• Construction & Use Regulations (C&U)
• Weight and Dimension Definitions
• Projecting loads
• Abnormal or Indivisible loads
• STO – Special Type Orders

Course Contents

  • Operator Licensing
  • LGV Weight and Dimensions Regulations

  • Weight Abbreviations

  • Definitions of LGVs

  • Maximum Gross Weights

  • Axle Weights

  • Axle Spread

  • Dimensions

  • Projecting Load – Wide Loads
  • Lamps & Reflectors

  • Best Practice – Escort Vehicles

  • STGO Maker Boards & Signage

  • Speed Limits

  • Statutory Attendants

  • Police Notice

  • Overweight Vehicles

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