Governance in the logistics

This course is intended to give you the knowledge that you need on the governance within the Logistics Industry.

Objectives of this Module

Our Aim is for you to have the knowledge and understanding
of the structure, governance, and environmental impact of the logistics industry. To gain the full experience of the governance within the logistics Industry, you will need to demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of how the topics relate to
your working practice by completing written exercises and participating in verbal discussions.

Our objectives for the lesson will be to:
• Identify how the supply chain industry is governed
• How that governance effects your own role
• Explain issues facing the sector
• Identify roles available within the sector
• Guide you on how to minimise the impact of the industry on the
environment using safe and fuel-efficient driving techniques

Course Contents

  • Law in Logistics

  • Governing Departments

  • Responsibilities

  • Enforcement

  • Medical and Vision

  • The LGV Entitlement

  • Staying legal and help

  • Freight Transport Modes

  • Supply Chain

  • Issues Facing the Sector

  • Responsibilities

  • What is Eco-driving

  • Answers

  • Feedback

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