Vehicle Safety Systems

Safety systems are vital components of all vehicles driven on the public highway within the modern road transport industry.

Objectives of this Module

We start with braking, this has evolved over many years and now is both very efficient and reliable. The braking system has a number of functions incorporating fail-safe systems. Every professional driver should understand the basics of how the braking system works and
must be able to check the system is safe and ready to use before
starting to drive the vehicle.

• The operation of the air brake system
• How to check the functionality of the braking system
• How anti-lock braking systems work
• The correct use of handbrake/parking brake
• The function and use of the retarder and exhaust brake
• The function and operation of the Electronic Stability Program (ESB)
• The purpose and operation of Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)
• The function of lane departure warning systems
• The use of proximity sensors and cameras

Course Contents

  • Technological Advances

  • Parking and Emergency Brake

  • Air Leaks

  • Progressive Application of Parking Brake

  • Anti-lock Braking Systems

  • Electronic Brake Assist

  • Exhaust Brake

  • Conclusion

  • Answers

  • Feedback

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