Safe Loading and Unloading of Vehicles

All drivers of goods-carrying commercial vehicles have a legal responsibility to ensure the load is secured to the vehicle. As part of the driver daily walk around checks, load security should be checked as a matter of course.

Objectives of this Module

• Your and your employer’s legal obligations
• The risks of an overloaded or insecure load on a vehicle
• Vehicle and axle weights
• How vehicle weight and position of load alters vehicle stability
• Methods for securing different types of load
• Tensioning forces / friction forces and MIRA findings
• This will be followed with a short test to check your

Course Contents

  • Why is it important to load correctly?

  • Penalties and Fines

  • When it all goes wrong

  • Vehicle Weights

  • Safe Loading and Unloading Operations

  • Lashing Methods

  • Answers

  • Feedback

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