Professional Driver and Company Issues

The driver’s role in today’s transport and logistics industry is of paramount importance. Many think it is just about customer care and although that is an important aspect, it’s not the only area where the professionalism of the driver can make a difference to the transport company’s success in today’s competitive marketplace.

Objectives of this Module

This course will look at a number of areas where drivers can help
the company they work for, to ensure everything is being done to
follow legislation and best practice for success.

The objectives of this module are to understand:
• Customer facing behaviours
• Problem solving and ways to improve service issues
• Legal compliance and the Operator Compliance Risk Score
• Vehicle maintenance requirement checks
• How to reduce maintenance and improve image through
efficient driving

Course Contents

  • Customer Facing Behaviours

  • Problem Solving and Good Customer Service

  • Legal Compliance: The Operator Compliance

  • Risk Score (OCRS)

  • Points for Roadworthiness Defects

  • Weighting of OCRS scores

  • Vehicle Maintenance

  • Crossword and Word Search

  • Answers

  • Feedback

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