Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving

Safe and fuel efficient driving covers a wide range of topics and subjects. This training course will give you the basic in a range of related subjects. Any driver achieving a high standard in this area will reap substantial benefits for themselves, the company and the environment.

Objectives of this Module

Our objectives for the lesson will be to:
• The Advantages of safe and efficient driving
• The unfavourable effects of not driving safety or efficiently
• What makes for safer vehicles
• How to be a safer driver
• Driving techniques for safe and efficient driving
• Best practice tips for safe and efficient driving

Course Contents

  • Advantages of Safe & Efficient Driving

  • Safer Vehicles

  • Safety of Loads / Checks During a Shift

  • Safe Driver’s Lifestyle

  • Driver Fatigue

  • Use of Seat Belts

  • The Highway Code

  • Speed Limits

  • What is a Driving Hazard?

  • The 2 Second Rule

  • Driving for Economy

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