Working Time Directive & Driver’s Hours

This training module covers all the basics for Driver’s hours and the European Working Time Directive, however it will not cover everything for all types of transport operations. It also does not cover temporary arrangements put in place to cover the COVID pandemic and changes put in place by the Department for Transport. Drivers are advised to seek further clarification on anything they are not sure about.

Objectives of this Module

To understand and review the basics of:
• The working time directive
• EU Driver’s hours
• More details:

Not covered:
• Temporary changes related to the pandemic
• Transitional arrangements due to Brexit

Course Contents

  • Types of Work

  • EU Driver’s Hours Rules

  • Daily Driving Time

  • Daily Rest Period

  • Digital Tachograph Types

  • The Driver’s Smart Card

  • Lost, Stolen or Malfunctioning Driver Cards

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