Tutor Responsibilities

Exploring the fundamental aspects of tutor responsibilities and comprehending the paramount significance of effective communication and safety in the realm of driving instruction.

Objectives of this Module

Our Aim is for you to understand how you can Ensuring Effective Communication and Safety “Tutor Responsibilities for Instructors.” In this extensive discourse, we will delve into the crucial facets of ensuring effective communication and safety in the field of driving instruction.

Course Contents

  • Strategies for Good Communication

  • Understanding National Standards

  • Lifelong Learning Approach

  • Individual Learning Plans (ILP’s)

  • Safety Responsibility

  • Accompanying to Formal Assessment

  • Ownership of the Learning Process

  • Learning Comfort & Expression

  • Interrupting Inappropriate Attitudes

  • Group Dynamics

  • Avoiding Collusion with Inappropriate Behaviours

  • Conclusion

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